Marine Division

Marine Division

Marine Propulsion Shafting New Manufacture and Repair

Padgett Swann offers the finest quality in precision manufacturing and repair in marine shafting. We specialize in machining alloy and stainless shafts from 6” to 55” diameter and up to 60′ long. We can precision straighten within .001” using cold and hot straightening methods. We have expertise in commercial grade and mil-spec shaft protective covering systems.

Facility Qualifications

NAVSEA qualified propulsion shafting manufacturer LCU 1600 Class

Quality Management System per NAVSEA Standard Item 009-04 FY13

Weld qualifications for the following processes:

            Cladding of shafting with NiCu per NAVSEA

            Weld repair of MIL-STD-23284 Class 4 forgings per NAVSEA

            Weld repair of MIL-STD-23284 Class 1 forgings per NAVSEA

            Weld repair of ABS Grade 2 and 3 forgings per ABS

            Weld cladding of ABS Grade 2 forgings with 308/309L per ABS

            Weld cladding AQ-17

            Weld cladding AQ-22

Propeller Repair and New Construction

At Padgett Swann, we provide a comprehensive range of services including building new, restoring and repairing worn out and damaged propellers, as well as straightening, welding, polishing and static/dynamic balancing services. In addition, we refurbish and modify propellers to meet certification requirements, maximize efficiency and minimize environmental impact through lowering vessel fuel consumption. Our facility is equipped with large hydraulic pitching tables and K and R pitchometers for straightening pitch alterations of any style and material up to 30’ diameter.

We have mobile teams of experienced engineers and technicians ready to serve you at short notice for all of your inspection and repair needs. Further, our on-site services help to save you time, expense, and allow you to repair and refurbish your propellers even when the docking schedules are too short to permit propeller removal. This enables vessels to be released back into operations faster, thereby reducing vessel downtime and increase productivity.

All work is approved and performed in strict adherence to methods, rules and regulations of all international Association of Classifications Societies (IACS).

CPP Component Repair and New Construction

To meet the demands of our clients utilizing CPP systems, Padgett Swann can manufacturer, recondition and repair CPP shafts, bearing carriers, crosshead blocks, blade palms and also provide tip castings under manufactures strict specifications.  Each year Padgett Swann Machinery repairs numerous CPP systems of various types and sizes.  Utilizing machined “dummy hubs” we can statically/dynamically balance and weigh propellers to meet OEM specifications.

Heat Exchanger Cleaning and Repair

Padgett Swann offers a wide variety of services from cleaning and testing to major re-tubes.
We have (3) large dosing/cleaning tanks to chemically clean or ultrasonically clean shell tube bundels or plate heat exchanger packs.

We also have the latest Goodway Ram cleaning systems for in-situ cleaning onboard your vessel or at your facility.

Our process starts with disassembly and evaluating the heat exchanger surfaces. We can evaluate individual tube failures, coating failures, and/or bundle failures, and/or pin holes in plates.

Heat exchanger shells, frame plates and connectors can be fabricated and machined in house in mild or stainless steel. Non-ferrous metals tubing, tube sheets can be manufactured and swagged in.

Upgraded plate and frame gaskets and orings can be procured.

Marine Structure and Fabrication

Our Fabrication Department is located in a 20,000 square foot fully enclosed facility. All of our Fabrication and Welding is done in house and is accurately handled by an expert team of seasoned fitters and welders that produce fabricated products with the highest quality workmanship on time.
We currently hold welding qualifications under ABS, Lloyds, Navsea, and ASME.
Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminum Weldments are all produced in our facility. Padgett Swann specializes in large fabrication structures, fabricated foundations, system installations, pump columns, discharge heads, pipe lines and marine underwater components.
We specialize in Fabrication of Close Tolerance Weldments that require machined surfaces. All fabrication is accurately checked using precision measuring instruments and by the use of a FARO Laser Tracker to insure the highest level of accuracy.

In-Place Machining Services And Product Line

Padgett Swann Machinery offers the latest in Portable Machine Tools. Our company takes ownership in every project and provides the perfect solution to your “On-Site” machining needs. In addition, we are equipped with a portable, containerized full-service machine shop capable of landing on your vessel to facilitate fast and efficient on-site repairs anywhere in the world. Each portable machine shop is filled with a horizontal lathe, vertical mill, welding banks and the latest Climax portable machines and auto-welding systems, as well as many other powerful precision tools to tackle any project.

We include a product line of the following machines:

Flange Facing
We offer flange facing capabilities range from 6″ to 199″ with ID mount and OD mount options available.

Line Boring
Padgett Swann’s line boring capabilities range from less than 2″ up to 65″ in diameter and larger if need be. We can provide a practical solution for your line boring project.

Padgett Swann utilizes LM 6200’s. A heavy-duty portable mill that can be constructed for linear or gantry milling in nearly any position. It utilizes a modular bed sections, to allow the length to be expanded from 48″ to 192″ without losing rigidity. It has a proven track record and has handled some of the harshest environments, for machining sole plates, large fabrication foundation structures and other critical components requiring a flatness, perpendicular or parallel requirement.
All field machining is used in conjunction with precision measuring instruments and by the use of a FARO Laser Tracker to insure the highest level of accuracy.